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Other than providing Sims 3 info & a sporadic dose of pointless rambling via this website, The main aim of “Mister Plumbob” is, of course, to film Sims-related videos and bring them to you via the Youtube channel. Well isn’t that dandy? You can read more about these videos below… provided of course you can, actually, read. Obviously.

The Types of Videos

The channel will contain the following types of videos:-


It’s pretty self explanatory: gameplay of sims-related games, i.e. a newly released Expansion Pack or SimCity game. Each series will be split into 30 episodes which will last approximately 25 minutes – and if that wasn’t enough, the 1st, 10th, 20th & 30th episode will be 50 minutes long!


If you’re a sim virgin (don’t worry, everybody was at some point), or need a push in the right direction, these tutorials are just the ticket! Learn how to complete basic tasks from lot-building to looking after your sims… then progress to more complex goals!


Expansion Packs, Stuff Packs and New sets from The Sims 3 Store are released so frequently these days. But don’t panic, review videos will help you decide what to splurge on… and what to avoid like the plague.


Other videos, for example giveaways and informational videos fall into this category.


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