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My Current Household

Hey there. I’ve been playing this household on the sims for a few weeks now, and I thought you might be interested to hear about it. Be warned though – it’s pretty confusing.


Okay, so it started off with 3 Sims living together in Hidden Springs: Teenager Jackson Lunar, his Young Adult father Patrick, and his Fiancé, Lorna. Patrick was a magician, and Lorna a Chef – but before she reached level 3 of her career, she and Patrick had their first child together… and then another after that… and another. All three of these were boys.

As you can imagine, they quickly ran out of space in their current home, so Patrick, Lorna, their newly born twins Pepper (the only girl in the family besides her mother), Billy, and their other son (I forgot his name… Whoops.) Moved into a new house.

Patrick was levelling up as a Magician and was becoming a higher and higher ranked celebrity, meanwhile, Lorna stayed at home, knocking out babies one after another, meaning she was unable to climb her career ladder. Instead, she took to painting and eventually mastered the skill. It was at this point that their other son, whose name escapes me, moved out, leaving a pregnant Lorna, Patrick, Pepper and Billy living together.

Everything seemed to be going well for the family… But then, suddenly, Patrick attempted to perform a trick in the Box of Danger… and it all went wrong, resulting in a violent death. As you can imagine, his family were devastated. Trying to get past the horrifying incident, Lorna, Pepper, Billy and their unborn sibling moved into a new house. Lorna had the baby and named it James, and, considerably later, remarried to a man named Jake Preston.

The Lunar family – or Preston family, as they were now called, suddenly shrank when Pepper and Billy, now Young Adults, moved out, leaving their step-father and mother, who was pregnant (Yes, she gets pregnant a lot) – this time with Jake’s baby.

I’m now playing with Pepper and Billy, who have used their family’s money to build a swanky new house in the forests of Hidden Springs:






Pepper’s planning to be a writer, and Billy a Child Carer with a bit of gardening on the side. Lorna’s just had her eighth child (I haven’t found out what she’s decided to call it yet), her other kids are scattered about the neighbourhood, and everything is looking great for the Lunar- I mean, Preston, family.



Told you it was complicated.





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