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Unless you have a phobia of titles, or this bold writing and nothing more has suddenly caught your attention from a quick scroll around the site, you know what this post is about. I recently reported about the somewhat controversial leaking of The Sims 3 Supernatural on the Italian Amazon website, and now the 7th EP has officially been announced by no less than EA themselves. Well, duh.

Like most of you sims fans out there I’m sure, I did see the leaked Russian version of the Supernatural trailer a few days back, but decided to hold on for a while for the official confirmation to write this post. For the main details of what the Expansion includes, you can click on this shiny, shiny link.

If you read this post, you’ll know that I said I wouldn’t pass my final judgement on this EP until I know all the details. And now I’ll quite confidently say that I’m really excited.

Not only can you create and customise all the creatures (bar zombies) in Create-A-Sim, but they also come with unique traits and skills (the lycanthropy skill looks particularly interesting – if your werewolves are at a high enough level, they’re able to control when they transform 😮 ), and I find that really exciting. Also, the new town, Moonlight Falls look really interesting and I can’t wait to start exploring it… Although I do admit, I hope there’s a toggle for which creatures appear in your neighbourhood… I’d rather not have my sims preyed on by zombies every other week. But apart from that, it should be awesome… It’s just a shame I’ll have to wait until September. Yes, I will be pre-ordering, and yes, I will be buying the limited edition version.

I just love the announcement of new EPs… and it can only get better as we find out more in the coming months! This is a really great time for sims fans – forget seasons – I’m not even going to mention seasons*, for now at least – I’m just super excited about Supernatural, and even more excited to start my LP series this September.

Thanks as usual for reading, and sorry for the incessant use of the word “exciting”. No synonyms sprang to mind.


*whoops. Looks like I just mentioned seasons.









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