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Everything I’d like in the Sims 4

Districts – The whole game takes place in a huge world, divided into separate neighbourhoods. The base game would start off with one neighbourhood, and as new ones were released (in EPs or on the store), they would appear as either islands or additions to the current land masses. From the starting screen, you select the neighbourhood you want to play in as you would in TS3, and at any given time once you are playing, you can switch to “world view” and have your sim or household move to or visit another neighbourhood in the world.


Rabbit holes for work locations only – Although rabbit holes would be necessary for career locations and schools, restaurants, shops and other locations in the town should not be rabbit holes. We should also be given the tools to build our own restaurants and shops from the base game.


More Age Stages – Overall Sim lifespan would be the same, but more Age stages would be added, so in all they would be: Baby (1 day), Toddler (4 days), Child (5 days), Young Teenager (5 days), Teenager (5 days), Young Adult (25 days), Adult (20 days), Senior (15 days) and Elder (10 days).


Accidental Pregnancies – There is a small chance that Young Adult/Adult sims will get pregnant accidentally just through WooHoo-ing! Also, Teenagers (NOT Young Teenagers) will be able to WooHoo and get accidentally pregnant as well.



More sims in neighbourhood & per household – Neighbourhood would be busier, plus, 10 sims becomes the maximum Household limit.


More Traits – Wider variety of traits. Examples include: Mature/Immature, Anxious/Confident, Optimistic/Pessimistic, Patient/Impatient, Tolerable/Intolerable, Sociable/Antisocial.


Trait prominence & effects – For more unique sims, the prominence of traits can be adjusted with a point system akin to The Sims 2.  Also, traits will have a greater impact on the lifestyle of a sim, for example objects/things they will gravitate to autonomously.


Habits – Sims now have to have at least one bad habit each, again to make them more unique. Examples include: Fingernail Biter, Hair Fiddler, Teeth Grinder, Nose-picker (Child and toddler only). These will give sims negative moodlets, and occur most when sims are stressed or unhappy. However, Anxious or Neurotic sims may find relief in biting their nails or fiddling with their hair, leading to positive moodlets. A lifetime reward would also be purchasable to eliminate these bad habits. Also, some habits may be learned unintentionally, so if a Fingernail Biting sims spends too much time around a Tooth Grinder, they may develop that habit!


Favourites = Moodlets – Favourites have a greater effect on sims. Say their favourite genre of music plays on the stereo – they’ll have a positive moodlet. If they eat their favourite food, wear clothes of their favourite colour or have walls painted their favourite colour, again, they’ll gain positive moodlets.


Sim Adjustments – More sliders, including height, shoe size, arm length etc.



Turn ons & offs – Turn ons and Turn offs make a reappearance from The Sims 2.



Quadruple speed – To skip the mundane, everyday tasks such as preparing meals and sleeping, you can now speed the game up x4, replacing the “Ultra Speed through end of action” button.



Less time for certain interactions – Some of the most commonly performed interactions will be shorter, i.e. cooking, repairing objects and showering.


Career Rewards – Career Rewards return to add extra gameplay to the Sims


Catalogue search – New option to search the Build/Buy mode catalogue for specific items.


Curved Wall Tool – We now have the option to build curved walls of different sizes in our buildings. Also, build and buy mode objects will be able to snap to these. For example, a sofa would snap to the wall and become curved to fit it.


Loans – Poor sims can now take out loans to buy what they’ve always wanted, paying a little bit each week to earn it off. However, they’ll need to pass a routine house inspection before being granted one – and if Sims don’t manage to pay it all off, they’ll pass a -10 moodlet down to all of their children!


Lot Splitting – Lots can now be separated into different lot types in build mode. We’d have the ability to select a certain space on the ground floor or other levels above that and set the lot type for that particular area. This would enable sims to live in flats above community lots, or one family on the same lot to be divided into two, meaning onll the sims you choose need to be controlled.


New methods of transport –  i.e. bus, train, plane and boat as opposed to just taxis. These would be mainly used for transport between neighbourhoods and holiday destinations.


Chemistry and random attraction – Just like in The Sims 2, sims will have chemistry between each other and random attraction. Random attraction may trigger particular wishes, such as “Flirt with [insert name here]”. Strong chemistry between sims will positively impact their lives, meaning things such as increased fertility and relationships which degrade more slowly.


Faster Skill Development – Skills will be developed faster than in the Sims 3, meaning more time for leisurely activities.


More Kids’ Objects – In the Sims 4, Children and Infants’ furniture will be more abundant and diverse. Also, toddlers will have more interactions with the world around them, therefore it will be easier to raise them well.


Unlocked Items – More items which were previously restrained to the grid in build/buy mode will now be unrestricted, for example: doors, windows, and items on tables.


Diseases – If your Sims eats spoiled food, or spends too much time around other ill sims, they can get diseases. Although this will mean a negative moodlet, coughing spluttering, vomiting and other unfortunate side effects, it will mean time off work, whilst still getting paid! Just make sure to veer clear of other Sims in the meantime!


Less homework – Children and Teenagers will spend less time choring over homework – especially if they’re performing at a high grade.


Unlocked Romantic Interactions – It will now be easier for our sims to perform Romantic interactions, without the need for them to pass their Romantic Interest to the “extremely irresistible” stage before performing the more serious interactions. This will mean that Sims who aren’t in love will be able to have a child together or WooHoo. However, the more commitment oriented interactions, such as “Propose Marriage” or “Propose Going Steady” will only be available once your relationship is high enough.


Hotels and B&Bs – If your sims are travelling between neighbourhoods, they’ll need a place to stay! Hotels will be built into base game neighbourhoods, plus, Sims will be able to use their house as a B&B – just make sure they’re ready to deal with some messy guests!


Real Estate – From now on, your Sims’ homes won’t just be worth as much as the things they’re made up of – if you’re wise with your simoleons, and factor in some key features such as pools, en suites and large gardens, you can make a profit from your homes. And if your sims aren’t brave enough to climb the property ladder, they can enter the Estate Agent Career instead!


Cutscenes – Cutscenes return from The Sims 2!


Hopes for The Sims 4 #6

Non-rabbit hole shops built into the base game


Sims 3 Seasons listed on Amazon, France

Sims 3 Seasons listed on Amazon, France

More evidence that Seasons will be released this November!

Seasons themed EP to be released this November?

Seasons may not be the 7th EP… but it’s not over yet…

That sounded unintentionally dramatic.

Well, it’s been a busy week in terms of news and speculation Sims 3-wise, and this latest update just adds to the ever growing heap. A Hungarian Retailer has apparently accidentally leaked the listing for not only the Sims 3: Seasons expansion pack, but Sims 3 + Seasons and The Sims 3: Seasons limited edition, and, if reliable, it’s set to be released around November 9th this year.

Find out more about possible leaked Seasons EP details by clicking on this incredible link.

You may be scoffing right now, or you may be sat in anticipation with your fingers crossed. But I’ve been thinking about this – A Seasons themed EP released around Christmas would be a great way for EA to rake in some holiday cash. It’s appropriate too, with all the rumoured festival features, they could heavily emphasise the inclusion of Christmas in the game for more reasons to make consumers dig into their pockets.

Plus, we’re having 2 Stuff Packs (Sweet Treats and Diesel) released in succession, breaking the usual pattern, which means that 2 Expansions in a row wouldn’t be totally out of place…

Yes, I’m excited for Supernatural, but a Weather themed EP would just make my game. But what about you? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this possible Expansion Pack.

My Current Household

Hey there. I’ve been playing this household on the sims for a few weeks now, and I thought you might be interested to hear about it. Be warned though – it’s pretty confusing.


Okay, so it started off with 3 Sims living together in Hidden Springs: Teenager Jackson Lunar, his Young Adult father Patrick, and his Fiancé, Lorna. Patrick was a magician, and Lorna a Chef – but before she reached level 3 of her career, she and Patrick had their first child together… and then another after that… and another. All three of these were boys.

As you can imagine, they quickly ran out of space in their current home, so Patrick, Lorna, their newly born twins Pepper (the only girl in the family besides her mother), Billy, and their other son (I forgot his name… Whoops.) Moved into a new house.

Patrick was levelling up as a Magician and was becoming a higher and higher ranked celebrity, meanwhile, Lorna stayed at home, knocking out babies one after another, meaning she was unable to climb her career ladder. Instead, she took to painting and eventually mastered the skill. It was at this point that their other son, whose name escapes me, moved out, leaving a pregnant Lorna, Patrick, Pepper and Billy living together.

Everything seemed to be going well for the family… But then, suddenly, Patrick attempted to perform a trick in the Box of Danger… and it all went wrong, resulting in a violent death. As you can imagine, his family were devastated. Trying to get past the horrifying incident, Lorna, Pepper, Billy and their unborn sibling moved into a new house. Lorna had the baby and named it James, and, considerably later, remarried to a man named Jake Preston.

The Lunar family – or Preston family, as they were now called, suddenly shrank when Pepper and Billy, now Young Adults, moved out, leaving their step-father and mother, who was pregnant (Yes, she gets pregnant a lot) – this time with Jake’s baby.

I’m now playing with Pepper and Billy, who have used their family’s money to build a swanky new house in the forests of Hidden Springs:






Pepper’s planning to be a writer, and Billy a Child Carer with a bit of gardening on the side. Lorna’s just had her eighth child (I haven’t found out what she’s decided to call it yet), her other kids are scattered about the neighbourhood, and everything is looking great for the Lunar- I mean, Preston, family.



Told you it was complicated.




Supernatural to Add Creature & Celebrity Toggles to the Game

This day just keeps getting better and better!

My one worry about the latest Expansion Pack, The Sims 3: Supernatural, with regards to whether or not we’ll be able to control the supernatural beings in our neighbourhood has been answered by @SimGuruMeg on twitter, and it turns out that the answer is yes. Not only this, but the game will bring the ability to switch the celebrity feature which came with Late Night. I’m super happy about this news, considering I’ve always longed for a way to control celebrities in TS3, and I know it will come in very handy when playing on Supernatural. Not only this, but it’ll enable me to create specific towns with more realistic back stories, which is something I love doing for my sims.

Sims 3 Supernatural Officially Announced

Unless you have a phobia of titles, or this bold writing and nothing more has suddenly caught your attention from a quick scroll around the site, you know what this post is about. I recently reported about the somewhat controversial leaking of The Sims 3 Supernatural on the Italian Amazon website, and now the 7th EP has officially been announced by no less than EA themselves. Well, duh.

Like most of you sims fans out there I’m sure, I did see the leaked Russian version of the Supernatural trailer a few days back, but decided to hold on for a while for the official confirmation to write this post. For the main details of what the Expansion includes, you can click on this shiny, shiny link.

If you read this post, you’ll know that I said I wouldn’t pass my final judgement on this EP until I know all the details. And now I’ll quite confidently say that I’m really excited.

Not only can you create and customise all the creatures (bar zombies) in Create-A-Sim, but they also come with unique traits and skills (the lycanthropy skill looks particularly interesting – if your werewolves are at a high enough level, they’re able to control when they transform 😮 ), and I find that really exciting. Also, the new town, Moonlight Falls look really interesting and I can’t wait to start exploring it… Although I do admit, I hope there’s a toggle for which creatures appear in your neighbourhood… I’d rather not have my sims preyed on by zombies every other week. But apart from that, it should be awesome… It’s just a shame I’ll have to wait until September. Yes, I will be pre-ordering, and yes, I will be buying the limited edition version.

I just love the announcement of new EPs… and it can only get better as we find out more in the coming months! This is a really great time for sims fans – forget seasons – I’m not even going to mention seasons*, for now at least – I’m just super excited about Supernatural, and even more excited to start my LP series this September.

Thanks as usual for reading, and sorry for the incessant use of the word “exciting”. No synonyms sprang to mind.


*whoops. Looks like I just mentioned seasons.








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