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I’ve been playing the Sims 3 Showtime for around about 2 1/2 months now, and it never failed to surprise me how easy it was to have your sims perform a bad gig.

Well, it turns out that I’m an moron… either that, or it’s the sims 3 producers for not making it obvious how to do better  …I’ll just keep telling myself that ;).

Anyway, the sims 3 producers recently posted some Showtime tips – I’ve selected some of the most helpful – and surprising – ones, so read on to find out more:


  • Know your audience!  While your Sim is performing, keep an eye on the audience requests via thought bubbles. Performing requests will result in a better performance and increase long term relationship status!
  • If  you can manage to set up your Sim’s (or a visiting Sim’s) stage, using all of the props available in a complete stage set, you will get an initial boost in the performance!
  • Another way to get an initial boost is to place a new magic gnome on stage as part of the set-up!
  • If your Magician Sim dies while performing in the Box of Danger, he/she will finish the show as a ghost!
  • It’s all who you know! Developing a relationship with proprietors prior to auditioning will increase your chances of getting a gig.
  • If your Singer Sim is multi-talented and wants to perform with a guitar, all you have to do is buy one and put it in his/her personal inventory!


You can see the others by clicking on this incredible link.


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