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Shake up your sims

It can get awfully depressing when you think about life – you’re born, you live, maybe have kids, and eventually die. That’s pretty much what the Sims is all about. How lovely.

So in an attempt to break free of the mundaneness of both actual and virtual life, I’ve gathered a few tips to help “spice up” the lives of your sims. Spicy.

1) Turn on TestingCheatsEnabled True

Shh! Cheating is bad… But can open your game to a whole host of new features – and TestingCheatsEnabled True, the mother of all cheats, will enable you to realise the full potential of your sims’ lives. Go on, you know you want to…

Side note: Open the cheat bar by clicking Ctrl-Shift-C all at the same time. It’s easy finding it in virtual life, however, I’m yet to discover how to get it open in real life…

2) Play life in Ultra Speed

Normal speed is for wimps – I dare you to play your game on ultra speed, and then see how easy it is to cater for your sims’ needs – especially with a large family. Just don’t give in to temptation by pressing the normal speed button!

3) Complete Every Lifetime Wish and Unlock Every Reward

Granted, this isn’t something you’ll be able to do in one sitting, or maybe even twenty – but once you’ve done it, you’ll have a great feeling of self satisfaction – not to mention the realisation that you’ve wasted most of your time on the computer. Uh oh.

4) Make some babies!

Thinking about this from a purely strategic point of view, surely the main objective of life is to reproduce? So why not have your sims have as many kids as they can. They’ll have fun, and who knows – you might too. Or alternatively, you’ll feel like a creep for watching virtual people woo-hoo all day.

5) Play with genetics

One of many great things about the sims is the endless number of possibilities you can play around with – and one of these things is genetics. Create a hilariously ugly sim, and make them have a child with an insanely good-looking one. Play around. After all, that’s what the Sims is all about…


Spicy enough for you? If not, don’t worry – part 2 will be up soon.

Have a nice day!







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