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Katy Perry’s Sweet Treats” has been announced as the latest Stuff Pack for The Sims 3. Yay.

Why the sarcastic “yay”? Because (like many other people I’m sure), I’m sick of these celebrity endorsements by EA. One I could manage with Showtime , but now they really do seem to be milking it for all it’s worth. Are we really going to want some extravagent candy themed, ridiculous looking items in the game? Will we ever use them with our sim families? The answer to both of these questions, for me at least, is a firm no, and is why I most definitely won’t be purchasing Katy Perry’s Sweet Treats. Even writing the name makes me cringe.

As I’ve seemed to notice, EA care only about the number of sales they can rake in and not about what the players actually want. From comments I’ve seen around the web, many people are just as sick as I am with these celebrity endorsements. I just hope that it’s not the beginning of Sims 3 Expansion Packs which are only made because they can tie a famous person to it and try to bring in all the money they can.



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