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Going by sims experience at least, I’ve found out that the title “Bundles of joy” for babies must be ironic. It has to be, right?

If you’re like me and really dislike looking after babies in the sims 3 (why can’t they just grow up?!), you may want to check out some interesting tips to make the whole pregnancy/baby experience a little more interesting… For the first few sims days, at least.



1) Your baby’s best friend

You may not know it, but to stop your virtual little tyke getting too bored, you have the ability to place a teddy bear into the actual crib via buy mode. Nifty!


2) Know the gender

If your sim has a good enough relationship with another in the Medical career, they have the ability to predetermine the gender of their foetus. Just make sure they’re at least on the fifth level of the job and find the interaction under the “friendly” section.


3) The Time Baby

The Rabbit-Hole Time Machine which your sim can build with a high enough inventing skill (Ambitions only) has more purpose than just boring ol’ time travel. You can also select the interaction “try for a baby”, and, if your sim’s successfully impregnated, there’s a chance the offspring will someday appear in the present day…


4) Apples & Melons

Want a boy? Eat 3 Apples. Want a girl? Eat 3 Watermelons. Both of these supplies can be purchased from your town’s grocery store, but be warned – it will only work if your mother sim eats the fruit before they are visibly pregnant.


5) Increase your chance of twins (or triplets)

Although I don’t know why you’d want to, to increase your chance of your sims becoming pregnant, you can buy the “fertility treatment” lifetime reward for 15,000 happiness points. This also increases your chances of having twins or triplets!



So, there you go. Hopefully this’ll make your babies the bundles of joy they’re so often called… Or at least, it might make them a little less tedious. Possibly.

Happy Simming!


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